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Stephan Göschl is the son of a teacher and a banker. He grew up east of Vienna, in the land of wine and honey, where he watched “Cocktail” and “Top Gun” on TV – more than twice.
As a keyboardist, patron of Cin Cin and one third of E.U.T., he is passionately collaborating with lots of different people (Sebastien Tellier and Norah Jones not included, yet). His mother often questions details about his outfit, but appreciates his overall taste in fashion.
Stephan is currently writing a play based on his best-selling novel reflecting on democracy and things that are about to really go wrong globally. In his rare spare time he listens to music in the styles of New Age, Hip Hop, Nu Disco, Mambo, Oldies, and Hits! His seminal third album will be released later this year.